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#23 Let Me In

Dear Rache, Q: What’s the perfect way to waste good money and time? A: Watch Let Me In! Earlier today, I was out with a good friend of ours. Let us call her TG. And because she likes watching movies, … Continue reading

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#22 You’ve Got Mail

Dear Rache, Every time I get a long break (e.g. sem break, Christmas break, summer break, in-between jobs break, or in our case, a 4-day weekend), I make sure to re-watch my ulitamtest favoritest movie: You’ve Got Mail. I guess … Continue reading

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#21The Magnificent Ambersons

Dear Rache, It is during rainy mornings like this one that I find myself fantasizing about Orson Welles, one of the two loves of my life (the other being, of course, F. Scott Fitzgerald). The first time I fell head … Continue reading

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#20 Speedy Scandal

Dear Rache, Here is a movie familiar to all of us. One of the many reasons that made me love this movie is its effect on us as a team. I believe that through this movie, we’ve all become closer, … Continue reading

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#19 The Social Network

Dear Rache, Now here is the movie that will set all our pecuniary concerns to rest. The Social Network (2010) lets us in on the secret on how to strike it really rich– that is, through audacity, audacity, and more … Continue reading

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