#16 Perhaps Love

Dear Rache,

Tonight, I am recommending to you – a Chinese musical.

Why? Well, why not?

Here’s why Perhaps Love should be promising enough:

1) It’s directed by Peter Chan – who directed the superb weepy Comrades: Almost A Love Story, the only film in our Asian Cinema class  that received a thunderous round of applause when the screen faded to black.

2) Its cinematography is by Christopher Doyle – Wong Kar Wai’s long time collaborator, the man responsible for the lush, garish, moody lighting in Wong’s films.

3) It’s set in Shanghai (the beautiful and historical Bund street), and Beijing (flashbacks of the main characters’ love affair are done in sad, wintry colors)

4) It’s choreographed by a Bollywood guy – ooh, imagine the explosion of sight and sound with this Bollywood touch!

And last, but certainly not least…

5)  It stars Takeshi Kaneshiro – my boyfriend.


About 500 Movies for Rache

Rache is one of our friends, who, though smart and wonderful in every way imaginable, is particularly deficient in terms of her film knowledge. Now no friend of ours can be allowed to go on believing that movies such as Batang X and Little Mermaid 2 represent the height of cinematic excellence. And so, it is with a mixture of compassion and messianic complex, that we've decided to watch and review 500 movies for Rache, until March 31, 2011. There are three of us behind this blog, and we have decided that there is only one way to go about the movie-picking and reviewing process: indiscriminately. We will sit through the campy and the compelling, the indie films and the blockbusters, the critics' darlings and the straight-to-video. This is how much we love you Rachel. This is also - let's face it - how much we love ourselves. By March of 2011, we hope to have a good cross-section of cinematic genres, traditions, cultures and periods. (But in all likelihood, it will be mostly Hollywood fare). So Rache, our dear, pretty, wonderful, cinematically-clueless friend, and the many others just like her, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU.
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3 Responses to #16 Perhaps Love

  1. LIA says:

    he is my lover and husband and best friend.

  2. LIA says:

    you wish!

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