#15 Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Dear Rache,

Remember whe you told me you wished you hadn’t seen Adventureland because there were so many weed scenes they made you want to smoke weed? Well, this movie has that as well. But I bet you wouldn’t want to do druges after watching this movie, because this movie is a cautionary tale of the stubborn and stupid Kumar who tried to use his bong on the plane. Unfortunately, a paranoid old woman thought him a terrorist, and his bong a bomb. Kumar, along with Harold, was then arrested. To make things worse, the Secretary of Homeland Security went fishing (or something), so the anormally racist deupty secretary had to take over their case. It was then decided that the two were from a joint Al-Qaeda and orth Korean terrorist group, so Harold Lee and Kumar Patel were detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Here begins the cross-country adventure- from wherever they’re from to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, to Florida, across the southern states until they reach Texas, where thei former colleague Eric, and Kumar’s former girlfrend Vanessa, were set to wed. Oh, and yeah, Kumar also had plans of breaking up the engagement.

Dear Rache, other than stoner humor and overly racist deputy, you will also hate the unnecessary nudity in this movie. How crazy is it? Well, have you ever seen a bottomless party? That’s right. And NPH. You won’t miss his sometimes misogynistic humor in How I Met Your Mother. Of course, this genre will always have a trip to some whore house. And you wouldn’t want to see what goes on in there.

 I wish the actors were better looking. But I guess that physique is a requirement in comedy.

So all in all, Rache. Watch at your own risk. You’ve been warned. I got a few laughs from it, and it’s really sad how I enjoy such senseless and mindless humor.


About 500 Movies for Rache

Rache is one of our friends, who, though smart and wonderful in every way imaginable, is particularly deficient in terms of her film knowledge. Now no friend of ours can be allowed to go on believing that movies such as Batang X and Little Mermaid 2 represent the height of cinematic excellence. And so, it is with a mixture of compassion and messianic complex, that we've decided to watch and review 500 movies for Rache, until March 31, 2011. There are three of us behind this blog, and we have decided that there is only one way to go about the movie-picking and reviewing process: indiscriminately. We will sit through the campy and the compelling, the indie films and the blockbusters, the critics' darlings and the straight-to-video. This is how much we love you Rachel. This is also - let's face it - how much we love ourselves. By March of 2011, we hope to have a good cross-section of cinematic genres, traditions, cultures and periods. (But in all likelihood, it will be mostly Hollywood fare). So Rache, our dear, pretty, wonderful, cinematically-clueless friend, and the many others just like her, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU.
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