#8 Heartbreaker (L’arnacoeur)

Dear Rache,

Immediately after the British film Cemetery Junction, I watched the French film Heartbreaker. This happened on the 9th of Oct. And I could have posted the review on the same night, or maybe the day after it, but I just had to finish Dexter

Now this movie is about a guy, Alex Lippi (Romain Duris), who gets paid to break up relationships. He works with his sister and her husband. They were doing a pretty good job, until they were faced with a seemingly impossible task: break up an engagement that’s set to be a wedding in one week! To make things worse, the girl involved is very headstrong, and her fiance will not be pushed around easily.

The most remarkable thing in this movie, really, is the front tooth gap of Vanessa Paradis. Don’t get me wrong. She is beautiful. But really, when she smiles, the only thing one can think of is how the gap looks like a slot for one peso coins. You are then constantly reminded of vendo machines and drinking soda. Refreshing! As for Romain Duris, I’d say he’s not the best looking leading man I’ve seen. In fact, he won’t be in the top 10. But the movie didn’t suck exactly because of him. He is funny and charming, albeit thin and a bit vertically-challenged, I would say. Romain Duris is your perfect man for this role. And this might be precisely because he didn’t look the part the first place. Or that may just be our standard of beauty talking.

If the teeth of the lead actress and the skeleton-like body of the lead actor are not doing enough to make you want to see this film, try the setting. The film is set in Monaco. Monaco! Monaco just makes everything, including tooth gaps and skeletons, cool enough. And if you haven’t seen the movie Dirty Dancing, you’ll get to see bits and pieces of it here.

There you go, Rache. If you ever miss Euro film fest, remember that I have two dibidis waiting for you to claim them. 🙂

Favorite scene:
Alex learning the Dirty Dancing dance. His dancing is surprisingly very DI-like.

Watch during your last few moments on earth, after you’ve done possibly everything you need to do.


About 500 Movies for Rache

Rache is one of our friends, who, though smart and wonderful in every way imaginable, is particularly deficient in terms of her film knowledge. Now no friend of ours can be allowed to go on believing that movies such as Batang X and Little Mermaid 2 represent the height of cinematic excellence. And so, it is with a mixture of compassion and messianic complex, that we've decided to watch and review 500 movies for Rache, until March 31, 2011. There are three of us behind this blog, and we have decided that there is only one way to go about the movie-picking and reviewing process: indiscriminately. We will sit through the campy and the compelling, the indie films and the blockbusters, the critics' darlings and the straight-to-video. This is how much we love you Rachel. This is also - let's face it - how much we love ourselves. By March of 2011, we hope to have a good cross-section of cinematic genres, traditions, cultures and periods. (But in all likelihood, it will be mostly Hollywood fare). So Rache, our dear, pretty, wonderful, cinematically-clueless friend, and the many others just like her, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU.
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